Speech before the President Election on 26-th January 1993 at House of Commons of Parliament of the Czech Republic

Jiří Šoler

Dear Mr Chairman, Government is absent as I see, Dear Deputies, Dear Visitors, Dear Mr Nominee.

We live in the region, where have been traditionally living side by side members of the two ethnic groups, Germanic and Slavic ones. The Czech nation always had to protect its identity from the impact of the Germanic culture. We kept our identity in Europe namely due to our approach to our neighbours as independent and sovereign nation being able exactly define extent of mutual relations to its neighbours and specify the limits, exceeding of which we did not permitted. Demonstration of vitality of our nation can be found in the period after Bílá Hora battle, when the nation was able to survive deep crisis due to horrors of thirty year war and successive germanisation.

During last century, the integration processes have culminated in Europe causing the forming of modern nations. The result of this process caused in the case for our west neighbours successive cultural, language and political integration and was completed by creation of unitary German State. The Slavonic inhabitants of the central and southern Europe have manifested the integration efforts, among others to resist the stress of united Germans. The results of such efforts were the creation of two multinational Slavic states, Yugoslavia and also our dear country Czechoslovakia. Its creation and existence has completed the efforts the generations of Czech patriots completed by the national liberator, the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk.

Full justification of the union of Czech and Slovak nation was evident in the time of beginning Nazi totality in Germany, when Czechoslovakia for several years has successfully resisted a stress of Germanic tyranny. At the end, the was no other way for occupation then dividing Czechoslovakia. Its vitality Czechoslovakia demonstrated after the heroic victory of alliance army, by contribution and many victims of life by Czechoslovak citizens. Each Czechoslovak citizen has in this time opportunity to express its patriotism, either in the foreign army or by its presence in the domestic resistance.

After the end of the Second World War, Czechoslovakia demonstrated its vitality by rising from its ash like mythical bird Phoenix. Based on the international agreements, Czechoslovakia consolidated its position - in analogy with neighbouring states - by transfer of inhabitants collaborating with Germanic tyranny. Nevertheless, in the transfer had all antifascists an opportunity to stay in their Czechoslovak country, so that we may not be incriminated from national motivated hate.

Unfortunately, the restored Czechoslovakia decreased by territory of brotherly Ruthenians does non kept its position of the bastion of democracy. Due to communists being submissive tool of Bolshevik tyranny, but also due to unprincipled opportunistic policy of collaborating parties creating later National Front, became in our country again tyranny, this time Bolshevik.

Similarly as Nazi tyranny, even Bolshevik tyranny took no aversion violating human rights including cruel crimes against humanity. Even if the worst waves of cruelty has occurred in fifties, the bolsheviks not far from their fall has continued use of cruelty against true opponents of tyranny. e.g. in the case of Pavel Wonka. On the contrary, for the prominent opponents of regime have communists prepared even prominent prison, how can be found e.g. in Havel's Letters to Olga.

Bolshevik system has had many negative features. On the other hand, the artificial freezing of boundary line between West and East and boundaries inside the bolshevik block has ensured to our nations artificial atmosphere with full protection from the danger of germanization. Atmosphere, which has been fruitful for the short time, but in long time point of view has caused the syndrome of lost political immunity. At the same time, it has intensified the sense of political insignificance in the range of predominated "site of socialism". Therefore, after the fall of open bolshevik tyranny, there are two dangers for our nations:

The first danger is the lost of the minor gains of democracy brought us by so called Great November Velvet Revolution. The sense of momentary freedom caused euphoria bringing uncritical confidence to various political leaders without necessary critical evaluation of their skill and personality. Another factor is similarly to the end of forties opportunistic servility of some political subjects and individuals betraying often for promised minor prebend or pair of shekel their ideals, their electors and all principles of fair play. Therefore some such representatives time to time subjected to sense of their own sins and like hunted by furies run away from their own conscience, maybe on corridors of this Parliament. Hardly can be laid the blame on persons creating in them vibrations of conscience. I would rather recommend their electors to hunt them time to time themselves.

Unfortunately, manipulators leading nation to new neo-communistic tyranny often expect just this national insignificance. Typical is the fact, that those leaders are often related to Germanic or Bolshevik tyranny belonging often among its former exponents. Only this fact may explain why among the three nominees for the president of Czech republic are two former or present advocates of communism.

The second danger results from the lost of desirable sense of the national or state identity, namely after years of artificial isolation. Any nation, if it shell not become a vassal of its neighbours, must all time develop its national language, its national culture, its national economy, science, technology etc., simply national identity. The neighbours would not be considered as enemies, but approach to them would respect own national sovereignty with no supplicate for kind attention. While supporting weaklings importuning for occasional sugarplum, either the neighbours or the latest neo-colonial establishments as is International Monetary Fund or World Bank, anybody would be able to buy us for such sugarplum. While importuning for the entrance into Europe which our nation undoubtedly belong to and which culture brought substantial contribution to, we would be in the position of vassals.

For this reason, we must elect for leader of the state the personality worthy of leading free people, the ancestors of which have made so significant contribution to creation and development of culture of the whole Christian world. We need strong personality with strong patriotic sense, but also with necessary sense for the honour and social justice. Not long time ago, our former country - Czech and Slovak Federative Republic - was sold out for the bad will of two minor parties giving no chance for people to express its meaning about it. This is in the flagrant contrary to democratic principles generally accepted in the cultural countries.

The situation is analogical with situation after Munich capitulation in 1938, but we can blame nobody foreign. Our own peoples willingly undertake schismatic role of "fifth column" of Sudeten Germans. I believe in passing the crisis again and transfer of traitors similar to former transfer of Sudeten Germans.

There are three nominees for the head of state. Let us consider now first of them - Václav Havel. Václav Havel has entered the history as the author of absurd dramas, and also as the main dramatic adviser and ideologue of the Great November Velvet Revolution. He has presented as master of destruction too. Being prominent dissident, he gave out sequence of declarations. I put my signature on some of them too. He has gained the desirable trust by this way.

When the communism of Jakeš kind has gone even in the all "site of socialism", he and his colleagues has taken their roles in the style of Orwel's novel "1984" to change The upper. The places of them should naturally succeed themselves. And the lower, i.e. people of this country, would have no opportunity to affect it. The part of this frame has been popular coulisses of the coup d'etat in the year 1948, only under another names. Therefore, well-tried National Front has been replaced by universal Civic Forum, where all top positions has been occupied by disguise communists. All under control through Civic Forum and old Communist party has been protected, all operating outside has been roughly terminated. Let us take for example the scandal Bartončík occurring during "democratic" elections in summer 1990, when the nominee has been guarantee of democracy. The loyal squads of communists and secret agents in the rank of Communist Party and Civic Forum hade no problems. But the leader of in this time non-communistic opposition, Czechoslovak Peoples Party, has been attacked on the contrary of election law. No, I do not want to advocate former secret agents. Never mind if the blame of dr. Bartončík has been actual or not, I must, naturally, consider as crime against humanity the morbid attack of Mr nominee, his speaker, and further two atamans upon the people fighting on the resuscitation department with death, at least from point of view of moral. And so I can not give my trust to its dramatic adviser. Since the absurd drama belong to the scene, not to the real life. I will not elect Václav Havel having part on this crime. I will not elect Václav Havel, approximately for the same reasons, for which I would not elect Adolf Eichmann.

This Saturday, I visited two localities, Žebrák and Hořovice, on the west not far from Prague. I spoke with mrs. Blanka Landová, the mother of 16 years old Sylvia, brutally murdered together with her girl friend of the same age by Michal Kutílek and Josef Kott, criminals released

on the base of Mr nominee amnesty. Both was fairly sentenced by the court in Plzeň, but the Supreme Court of judicature surprisingly reduced him the sentence and they will apparently be soon free. I spoke with their teacher Mr Josef Vodička, which took the liberty to protest against the matter and helped the pupils to form a petition. Unlike the former comrades and militia mans among the teacher staff, for the school direction is inconvenient namely he. The last week was Mr Vodička even expelled from the school by police on the request of director in pupil sight. I do not wish you to see the sad eyes of the teacher named by the vice-director - communist and militia man - in the presence of pupils as fascist. Apparently because he is a republican. He presented me with a sorrow in his eyes the memorial note from the commander of the partisan community "Benešov - Pavlov" about the presence in the fight against fascist together with partisans, from the time when he was still a boy. Evidently, like under communists, the true patriotism is not desirable. I should like to elect the head of state from such patriots. What contrast with description of elder peoples from Barrandov of pamper boy walking in white knee socks and leather trousers with drawbridge. Ultimately, the quality of nominee's Czech language is demonstrated by mixing the transfer with expel. I do not give my vote for such patriot.

The three nominees are available, and now I should like mention the second one. The second nominee is docent Marie Stiborová. I admit, that one of my conceptions of the head of state was person from the sphere of science or culture acceptable to wide spectrum of people. The Left Block, as I see, select the lucky way proposing its nominee. But, considering my complicated background, I resent a red spot due to cherries on her shield. I am afraid, the spot may be washed out nor by Visir. I understand well, that some deputies do not refuse cherries, by I am from some times allergic on this fruit.

As I mentioned, I suppose, that Czech nation needs to his head personality which will not bend under the stress of our neighbours, restores strong and sovereign Czechoslovakia and its historical position in the heart of Europe, where it undoubtedly belongs. The most important is indeed sweeping out our life from the every communistic dust. I know, that dr. Sládek knows how select for principal positions true specialists instead of clowns, that he resists the submitted prebends, and he shall lead the nation to actual prosperity. For those reasons, I shall vote dr. Miroslav Sládek.

Thank you for the attention.

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