Speech to public security

          MP Jiří Šoler: Dear Mr. Chairman, Dear Ministers, Dear Deputies, we are examining the rather bad security situation in our state. Allow me to discuss the matter from the rather wider viewpoint.

          I bought recently the book named "A History of the 20th Cen­tury" by Paul Johnson. I found the author to examine in turn political systems of various post-colonial countries and what I saw? His data fitted excellently in our country. The author considered the primary cause of the problems of present world the fall of the morality. Exemplary moral principle referred from the verdict of the Ghana Supreme Court should be: In the civilized society the law and order is principally and unconditionally relevant for all citizens and all institutions including representatives of government and its authorities.[1]

          Author gave as warning example characteristics of the Baptista's Cuba. I beg to quote: Cuba is practical example of the discrepancy between the words and the reality, which is the basic characteristic of the third world. Any of those politicians talked about revolution and practiced dirty tricks. Excellently fitting to our state.

          Yesterday, we have got an opportunity to listen to the speech of the Big Humanist[2] concerning integrity of the state. He has somehow forgotten, that he had helped to break one state year ago. But let us return to the problem of the security.

          There are sentenced criminals in the civilized countries. In other countries, there are sentenced those pointing out their crimes. Let us take for example this let­ter, where the speaker of this House calls on me to apologize to Big Humanist for my taking the liberty to point out his crimes against humanity[3]. The crime observed by their own eyes by the whole nation by means of televi­sion. I shell disappoint him. I never apologize to criminals taking the con­sequences for myself. Ultimately, even the Ghana judge quoted has been two years after passing the verdict executed. Unfortunately.

          Similar examples of the decay of our moral are characteristic for our state as a whole. The society is controlled by the gangs, when they find no agreement when dividing the spheres of influence - there in the parliament it is referred as competition law - the state is broken depraving millions citizens of their country. Now, similarly as in the times of socialism, we resolve initiatively problems, which would never occur without state break.

          We discuss the report of the ministry of the internal affairs, but let us be aware that the security is not influenced only by internal affairs, but also by e.g. justice, penology, defence and other parts of the political sys­tem. Say the effects of the ill-judged amnesty from 1990. When one gang­ster sits in the head of the state and second controls the ministry of in­ternal affairs and even my opposition colleague Wagner bring example of the excellent prosecutor Dr. Rychetský[4], the situation in our country will not be better. As use to say dr. Sládek, the staircase should be swept from above.

          Walking through the Prague, we may see, that the situation came near to the situation at Cuba characterised by the author of the History. I beg to quote again: Various police units fought one against other like street gangs, majority of gangsters occupies both police and political positions.

          Thank you for your attention.


Stenographic record from Oct. 13, 1993, translated by J. Šoler.

[1] All references are translated from the Czech version of the book cited back to English.

[2] Initials of the Czech term "Veliký Humanista" are identical with the initials of Václav Havel.

[3] See Speech before the President Election

[4] Dr. Rychetský took active presence in the case Bartončík, the crime against humanity mentioned above.

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